User notifications

User Notification settings are personalized to each user, making them a great option for users with access to the Client Dashboard.

Notification Settings

Every user can personalize their own notification settings. If two members of an organization want to receive different updates, they can do so. If a user is part of two organizations, they can set their notification settings differently for each organization.

Users can opt to receive notifications by type. We’re always rolling out new notification types, so login to your dashboard for an up-to-date list.

Users can optionally opt-in to a single email digest containing all new notifications at the cadence of their choice: hourly or daily. In contrast to Arta Emails, which include individual emails per notification type for every request/shipment, the User Notification Digest summarizes all information into a single email.


Notification Inbox on the Arta Dashboard

Once notifications are configured, users will begin seeing new notifications in their Inbox. The Inbox serves as a centralized location to view, read, and manage all of your notifications. Just like the management of a typical email inbox, the new interface clearly denotes read vs unread notifications, allows users to expand each notification to view additional details, and gives users the ability to mark notifications as read, unread, or deleted.