A collection of ecommerce and logistics definitions related to Arta's platform.

A place to store commonly used address to expedite the quote request process.

A document associated with cargo traveling internationally by air, allowing airlines to track inventory.

A collection of vetted partners across all service tiers, that Arta hires for fulfillment.

In house carbon emissions calculations available on an annual, monthly, or per shipment basis.

An “All Risk” policy for objects handled and transported with Arta, available for every shipment.

Reattaching components separated for safe transport, not requiring speciality tools.

A document outlining the collection and delivery locations, signed by the releasing and receiving parties for proof of transport.

The consignee is unaware of who the shipper is and visa versa. Shipping documents will not include identifying information of the opposite party.

A warehouse authorized by customs authorities for storage of goods. Payment of duties is deferred until cargo is removed.

A request with complete Origin and Destination addresses, and a full set of contact details, enabling a user to book and create a shipment.

Typically required by large residential or commercial buildings, a COI outlines proof of insurance and a woker’s compensation coverage for external companies to perform on-site services such as unpacking or installation.

A record of sale, including artwork details, purchasing party and value of an artwork.

A formal request for reimbursement against losses covered under your policy.

Your shipment has been collected by a vendor within Arta’s Partner Network.

A communication system within Arta’s dashboard that allows users to communicate efficiently and directly with Arta’s team.

A commercial enterprise that transports goods, and whose services are open to the general public.

The shipment was delivered and all services completed.

An inspection to track the physical condition of an object with 1-3 images at collection or delivery.

A thorough inspection to track the physical condition of an object with 5 - 10 images and notes on the BOL at collection or delivery.

Your shipment has been approved by an Arta admin, a collection has been scheduled.

The person or company to whom goods are officially sent or delivered, usually the buyer.

A spot quote sourced by an Arta admin from Arta’s Carrier Network. Requests for Custom Quotes can be submitted directly through Arta’s dashboard.

Estimated weight calculated from the length, width and height of a package. Many common carriers offer rates based upon whichever is greater, the dimensional weight or the actual weight.

A unique name that identifies your business visible on public facing URLs.

A feature that automates the customs filing procedure by generating documentation and Commercial Invoice that guarantee international compliance

A configuration that enables you to send Arta email notifications to contacts on a shipment such as the Origin or Destination contacts.

A configuration that enables you to subscribe members of your team or a distribution list to Arta email notifications by providing an email address per type.

A number used by customs to monitor and track shipments coming into and out of the EU.

A flag within Arta’s system outlining why a shipment has been held at any certain point throughout its journey.

The last leg of a shipment, from the destination hub to the final delivery location.

Intermediary between the booking party and the final destination of the cargo who is organizing a shipment.

Visitors can sign up for Email or SMS notifications about a shipment’s status through external tracking links.

An internationally recognized index used to categorize goods.

Your shipment is en route. If applicable, tracking will be available at this time.

A notification management space within Arta’s dashboard, configurable to each users workflow.

Objects hung at eye level on drywall or sheetrock using provided hardware.

A freight middle mile that refers to the transportation of goods that do not require a full truckload, cargo will be placed with other freight.

A user that can view all aspects of an Organization but is only able to create and manage Quote Requests and Shipments.

A customs fee for cargo imported into the U.S.

A transit speed quoted through Arta Parcel and Self Ship. This transit time reflects the “In Transit’ timeline in a shipment lifecycle, and does not account for time in the Pending, Confirmed, or Collected states.

A billing configuration enabled by an Arta admin that allows users to book and receive an invoice

Additional services available for a particular request, listed alongside a quote.

A unique name that identifies your business. The Organization name will be publicly visible unless a Display Name is provided.

A unique 2-6 alphabetical character code used in URLs, as the prefix of your organizations shipment IDs, and invoices.

A user that has edit access to all aspects of an Organization, including API Keys, Notifications, other Users, Shipments and Billing. There can be multiple Owners per Organization.

Collection with custom packaging and release to a common carrier (DHL, FedEx, UPS). Within this service tier, Arta will quote out over various transit speeds.

Your shipment is booked, and an Arta admin will review the scope of the job and arrange fulfillment.

Positioning an object in situ, on a plinth or other base.

A document that provides authorization for a customs broker to clear freight on behalf of the importer of record.

Shipments carried out by fine art technicians wall to wall, with dual driver, climate controlled specialized shuttles.

A billing configuration enabled by an Arta admin that requires payment to be submitted through credit card in order to book a shipment.

A user that can view all aspects of an Organization but does not have the ability to create or edit.

Shipments carried out by household movers/LTL middle mile trucks with optional white glove services at collection and delivery, such as assembly and unpacking.

Shipping labels with various transit speeds sent directly to the releasing party. This service tier assumes the releasing party can properly pack works for transit and arrange a collection with a common carrier.

Fine Art transport offered through Arta’s Premium service tier.

A shipment in which Arta has provided a label for, but the seller has not released to a common carrier. Labels are valid for 7 days after receipt.