What's new? Feature updates & product releases across the platform.
New look for our Public Shipment Views & Transactional Emails

We have updated our Public Shipments Views & Transactional Emails to reflect our brand update. These changes, the latest in our refresh, align our emails and public tracking pages with our digital presence.

Public Shipment Views & Transactional Emails
Launching new Payment Required Emails

Our new Payment Required emails are optimized to target users who abandon checkout after booking a Shipment in Arta Booking. Users will receive an email if a Prepayment or Direct Payment Required Exception is unresolved 24 hours after creation.

If the Shipment Exception is unresolved 48 hours after the initial email, a reminder email is sent to the same contacts.

Payment Required Emails

Launching an Importer Information Email Series

We’ve launched our Importer Information Email Series to help buyers understand what to expect when a shipment requires customs clearance. This is a two-part email series that clients can opt into by enabling the “Importer information” Email Rule or Subscription.

  • The first email of the series is triggered once a cross-border shipment is booked. The email will outline what the buyer should know about getting their shipment through customs, as well as what type of information they will be expected to provide.
  • The second email is sent once the package arrives at customs and explains what to expect within the next few days during the clearance process.
Now you can store your Exporter Information & Authorization with Arta

We’ve released an update to our Electronic Customs Documentation (ECD) workflow to remove redundancies for clients shipping as the exporter of record.

Your organization can now submit your exporter details and authorization to keep on file. Once approved, they are valid for two years and will be used by Arta to file the export information with customs on your behalf, so you only need to provide the required object details on a per-shipment basis.

This feature will significantly benefit you and your teams by simplifying the process of generating a commercial invoice and filing the necessary ECD information. It does this by automatically populating the exporter of record’s:

  • Tax ID
  • Name, Address, and Phone
  • and a Power of Attorney

Store your Exporter Information & Authorization with Arta

Manage Locations & Contacts on Arta’s Shopify App

On Arta’s Shopify App, you can now manage the Shopify store’s locations and provide location-specific contact details; this enables clients to provide email addresses and phone numbers for various locations.

Arta app on Shopify - managing locations and contacts

Booking Session Created Transactional Email

Organizations can now create an email rule that allows Arta to email the destination contact a link to the Arta Booking Session. Once enabled, users can trigger the email to be sent when:

  • Creating a Booking session
  • Sharing a Booking session
  • Sharing a Request
Introducing Exception Notices for Shipments

We’re introducing advanced exception notices for shipments, which will be directly available in your dashboard, our Tracking pages, and APIs to improve visibility and communication between Arta, yourself, and your customers.

Now you’ll be able to identify and quickly filter shipments by those that have exceptions, like:

  • Requested Hold to Collect
  • Requested Hold to Deliver
  • Not Ready for Release
  • Not Ready for Delivery
  • Held at Customs
  • And more…
Important Shipping Requirements Changes for January 2023

The second phase of the European Union’s electronic customs import system, known as the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) goes into effect as of January 2023. Here’s what you need to know.

The ICS2 will require operators to complete the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset for all goods transported by air entering or passing through the EU, Switzerland, and Norway, regardless of origin location.

What you need to know

This new regulation impacts all shipments to or transiting through the EU, Switzerland, and Norway. ICS2 will now require advanced screening of these shipment details electronically:

  • At the country of departure
  • Before loading shipments onto planes
  • At pre-arrival

Arta is ready to help

To ensure compliance, we will update our Electronic Customs Documentation feature to handle these new requirements by December 27th, 2022.

Clients already using our Electronic Customs Documentation will not have to do anything differently. We will automatically alert you when a shipment requires Customs information.

Those clients not using our Electronic Customs Documentation yet will need to provide Commercial Invoices with the required item details for all cross-border shipments.

Requests & Shipment Filters in Client Dashboard

Clients can now filter requests & shipments by new attributes making it easier to find specific shipments or those that require your attention.

For Requests

  • Basic Filters
    • Status
    • Bookable/Not Bookable
  • Timeline
    • Created Date
  • Geography
    • Origin Country
    • Destination Country

For Shipments

  • Basic Filters
    • Status
    • Quote Type
    • Exceptions
  • Timeline
    • Booked Date
    • Collection Date
    • Delivery Date
    • Completed Date
  • Geography
    • Origin Country
    • Destination Country