Dashboard Estimates

Our dashboard estimates aim to prepare our clients to field inbound inquiries for pre-sale estimates. Estimates enable teams to generate pricing quickly and without any technical integration.

Receiving Data

In anticipation of a sale or drop, Arta can receive known data such as origin location, object details, and reference numbers via spreadsheet to generate hosted sessions within the Admin. As inquiries for pre-sale estimates come through, these sessions can be identified by searching for object details or reference numbers provided to Arta. Additional information can then be added to the session to generate a bookable request by providing destination location and contact details.

Quote Configurability

In addition to adding destination details to generate pricing, users can modify attributes associated with the Estimates session. Users are able to adjust the object’s value, preferred quote types, and checkout currency, as well as opt in or out of insurance coverage. These modifications are specific to the request and won’t impact the original Estimate session details.

Creating a Booking

Once destination location and contact details are added, you will be directed to the quotes tab of a new request, which will be linked to the original estimate session. From here, users can book directly on the platform or share the request with a third party.