API integrations

Arta’s innovative and user-friendly public API and webhooks systems bring efficiency, flexibility, and speed to the logistics industry.

API Reference

Visit api-reference.arta.io for detailed documentation of each of the endpoints in Arta’s API.

The Arta API is a token-authenticated REST-based API. It is designed with consistent and predictable resource-oriented URLs. It offers essential functionalities such as quote generation, shipment booking, and real-time tracking. We employ standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs, ensuring a smooth integration process for your team.

Arta’s instant quote API endpoints are industry-leading in their low-latency responses and provide an excellent tool to reach for when building dynamic checkout experiences for high-value and unique inventories.

Our API enables both test and live modes, allowing you to experiment without impacting your live data or the logistics network. Client organizations can also customize their account settings to receive email and webhook notifications, enhancing their operational oversight in realtime.

What’s inside

  • Webhooks – receive and verify callbacks to your platform for key events to build your own notifications and operational systems
  • Test Mode – working with Arta’s safe and convenient sandbox environment for building, experimenting, and testing