Export Customs Documents (ECD)

When scaling your business internationally, the complexities of export compliance can be nuanced and intimidating, prohibiting some sellers from reaching a global audience. Arta’s Export Customs Documents (ECD) feature automates the customs filing procedure and opens doors for sellers to do business on a global scale.

Arta EDC

Whether you act as the Exporter of Record for all shipments or your Sellers do (in the case of a Marketplace or Gallery), Arta’s ECD feature streamlines and simplifies a complicated process.

Arta inspects the attributes of a shipment and collects only the necessary details from the Exporter to generate a Commercial Invoice and Power of Attorney (if one is required).

As mentioned above, there are two distinct workflows the ECD feature supports.

  • My business is a client of Arta’s and we act as the Exporter of Record
    • In this case, we recommend setting up an Exporter Profile which securely stores your Exporter Information & Authorization on file to be used on all shipments requiring customs clearance. Authorization must be renewed every two years.
    • Once you have a valid Exporter Profile, you’ll only be required to provide a few key details about the specific shipment requiring customs clearance; e.g. Date of Sale, Country of Origin, HS Code, etc.
    • Users can set up a User Notification to be alerted anytime a shipment required Customs Information and they can fill out the necessary details from their Client Dashboard.
  • My business is a client of Arta’s and our Sellers act as the Exporter of Record
    • There are two options for alerting the Exporter that customs information is required to complete fulfillment. Clients can use Arta’s Email Rules and configure the Electronic Export Information Required email to be sent to the Origin Contact or they can use Arta’s Webhooks system to create a customized notification.
    • Both notifications should direct the Exporter to Arta’s EEI form where they will provide the details required for a specific shipment.

All ECD Forms are reviewed and approved by Arta before a Commercial Invoice is generated and used for Customs Declarations. If there are any edits required, the Exporter will be notified and given the opportunity to submit corrected information.

Once approved, a Commercial Invoice is generated and Arta’s fulfillment team begins the customs declaration process.