Data processing & import services

We recognize that not all of our clients can connect via API, and for clients with large shipping volume the Dashboard request form may not be a scalable solution. To support clients with limited technical resources, or unstructured shipment data, Arta can receive data in other formats, and generate pricing without any technical integration.

With our Professional package, we offer an optional data processing and import services.

Data Processing

While shipment data is essential for providing accurate shipping rates and fulfillment, we know that clean, parsed and accurate data is not always available. Focusing on both near and long term solutions, Arta can develop ways to work with the data currently stored in your systems while mapping out the steps needed to prepare for future API integration.

To get started, Arta will review existing schema to see what required data is stored - or missing - and propose a path forward based on your company’s resources.

Batch Import

Arta’s account managers can additionally create requests and hosted sessions in bulk on your behalf via Arta’s Batch Import service.

Clients can send Arta large quantities of exported object and location data via spreadsheet (.csv, .xlsx). Arta has a data template if the client has the capacity to map the information to specific fields, or Arta can translate the data into the format required by our pricing engine.

Arta can generate hundreds of requests or hosted sessions within a day, enabling all of your business access to our products; online quote review, booking and tracking, without any technical integration.