Email Rules & Subscriptions

Email Rules and Subscriptions can be configured to ensure the right contacts are being notified about key shipment updates whether or not they have access to the Client Dashboard. Email rules are sent per update per Shipment and typically drive users to Arta Tracking for the most up-to-date status of a shipment.

Email rules and subscriptions on Arta

Email Types for Rules & Subscriptions

  • Payment Received – Delivered when Arta receives payment through the Arta-hosted checkout page.
  • Booking Session Created – Notifies the recipient that an Arta Booking session has been created.
  • Booking Confirmation – Delivered when a shipment is confirmed by an Arta team member.
  • Self Ship Label – Generally delivered to the Origin Contact to provide a parcel shipping label and packing recommendation for Self Ship shipments where the seller is responsible for packing and releasing objects to the common parcel carriers.
  • Collection Scheduled – Generally delivered to the Origin contact when the collection has been scheduled in order to communicate timing and confirm origin location details.
  • Shipment Collected – Delivered when objects are collected by a shipping partner for packing and/or transport. This update is commonly available on Parcel shipments and less common for Select and Premium shipments.
  • Shipment In Transit – Delivered once a shipment is en route to its final destination. This update typically includes estimated delivery dates and may include additional online tracking details provided by the shipping partners.
  • Shipment Completed – Delivered when a shipment has been delivered to the destination location.
  • Shipment Schedule Update – Delivered if a shipment delivery schedule is updated.
  • Shipment Cancelled – Delivered when a shipment has been canceled
  • Electronic Export Information – Required Generally delivered to the Origin contact when a booked shipment requires additional details to complete and file export information in order to clear customs.
  • Importer Information – An email series that provides guidance to the destination contact when a shipment requiring customs clearance has been booked and when it arrives at customs in the destination country.
  • Shipment Invoices – Delivered when clients are invoiced for shipments.
  • Action Required – Notifies the recipient that there is an exception with the shipment and action is required to proceed with fulfillment.
  • Payment Required – Notifies the recipient that there is an outstanding balance that must be paid before Arta can proceed with fulfillment.

Some emails are dependent on having related features enabled for your Organization.