The Arta Dashboard is your admin interface for all things Arta.

From the dashboard, your teams can manage Quote Requests, Shipments, your API integration, configure No-Code solutions, your brand preferences for our white-labeled UIs, manage a slew of Communication settings, and more.

In this overview, we’ll cover some of the key aspects of the dashboard, starting with how to get started.

User Accounts & Organizations

Once you’ve signed up for a user account you can create or join existing Organizations. Organizations can have many users and users can belong to many Organizations. Some business only need a single Organization but others choose to create multiple organizations with Arta for unique segments of their business, e.g. sales channels, geography, or billing preferences.

Inviting Team Members

When inviting a user to your Organization, you can choose the appropriate role to ensure users can only manage relevant data according to their role

  • Owners can see and edit all aspects of an Organization including Users, Shipments, and Billing details.
  • Members can view all aspects of an Organization but only create and edit Quote Requests and Shipments.
  • Read-Only can view all aspects of an Organization but cannot create or edit anything.

Inviting Team Members


Check your subscription status, the date of your next invoice, and access all past invoices. Manage your payment method on file for your current Arta plan.

User Notifications

Each user can personalize their Notifications settings to ensure they don’t miss key shipment updates.


Tasks enable Arta to collaborate directly within the Dashboard for requests such as Document Request or Contact Information Update. Tasks will have a Due Date and will be flagged if urgent. For any Task you are assigned, you can mark it In Progress, reassign, set a follow-up date, and mark the Task complete after taking action.

Tasks can be assigned to a single User or generally to the Organization. To be alerted of new unassigned Tasks for your company, subscribe to the Unassigned User Task in your Inbox.



Users can create and manage all shipments.

  • Home
    • The homepage provides a bird’s eye view of Requests & Shipments in key states.
    • Arta also provides an Onboarding Guide for setting up your Organization’s settings and configurations.
  • Quote Requests
    • Create Estimates & Bookable Quotes
    • Request a Custom Quote
    • Share a Quote
  • Shipments
    • Book a shipment
    • Fulfillment
      • Tracking
      • Correspond with your colleagues or the Arta team
      • Upload relevant documents
  • Address Book
    • Create an address book of addresses you commonly ship to or from.

No Code Configurations

  • Estimates & Booking Sessions
    • Create, view and share Booking sessions so your customers can book their own shipments.
    • Create and view Estimates sessions that allow you to quickly generate shipping estimates for variable conditions.
  • Emails
    • Configure your Organization’s Email Rules & Subscriptions
  • Whitelabeling
    • Manage your brand preferences, including logo, primary color, and custom domain for Arta-hosted UIs and Emails.
  • Tags
    • Create customized tags with relevant information to your Organization that can be utilized by all Users to categorize and filter Booking sessions, Requests, and Shipments.

Manage your Integration

  • View:
    • API Keys
    • Webhook Deliveries
    • History of Email & SMS message sent by Arta
  • Create and manage API Keys
  • Create and manage Webhook Endpoints