Automated updates

When an order is fulfilled through the Arta app on Shopify, Arta’s logistics specialists coordinate with you to ensure that your items reach your customers quickly and safely. Depending on the shipment type, this may include scheduling collection and delivery, securely packing your items, generating tracking labels, performing condition checks, and more.

As your shipments proceed from booking to delivery, the Arta app on Shopify will pass status and tracking changes to their associated Shopify orders automatically. This gives your customers real time visibility into their shipments’ details directly on Shopify’s order status page.

Under the the hood, this automation is accomplished through the webhook connection created as part of the Connection settings guide.

Status updates

Arta’s shipments pass through five statuses during a typical shipment lifecycle:

  1. Pending — A quote has been booked and is awaiting confirmation by an Arta logistics specialist
  2. Confirmed — The details are confirmed and the shipment is in progress
  3. Collected — The shipment has been collected from its origin location; this status will be skipped for Arta Self Ship shipments
  4. In Transit — The shipment is on its way to its destination
  5. Completed — The shipment has been delivered to its destination and all services have been fulfilled

When an order on Shopify is fulfilled through the Arta app, the integration will update corresponding items on Shopify’s customer-facing order page for the “Confirmed,” “In Transit,” and “Completed” statuses.


When shipments fulfilled through Arta have commercial tracking numbers, the Arta app will also update items on Shopify’s customer-facing order page accordingly. That way, your customers can quickly navigate from the Shopify order page to tracking pages provided by UPS, DHL, and FedEx depending on how the shipment is being delivered.

Fulfillments with multiple tracking details

However, due to a limitation in Shopify’s API and data schema, if a single Shopify order fulfillment from the same origin has multiple tracking numbers, the app will update the tracking information for these items to link to Arta’s consolidated and customizable Tracking page.

This is an edge case which will only occur if a single Arta shipment requires multiple packages which may be serviced by different carriers. The Arta-provided Tracking page can be served at your own domain name with custom image assets to maintain the experience of your brand.