Getting started

Set up the Arta app in a few quick steps:

  1. Installation & connection settings – add the Arta app to your Shopify store and create a connection to your Arta organization
  2. Product setup – ensure your products have dimensions and other required details for accurate shipping quotes
  3. Shipping preferences – enable insurance and customize the quotes you’d like for your customers to see during checkout

For more detail on each step, read on below. Once these steps are complete, your buyers can enjoy the ease, flexibility, and security of Arta’s shipping and post-purchase solutions.

You can always come back to change your preferences and update products anytime. Likewise, you can delete the Arta app from your store at your discretion.


Before we get started, you’ll need

  1. a Shopify store that has permissions to use their CarrierService API. This feature enables your Shopify store to add Arta as a shipping provider during checkouts. Currently, Shopify requires your store to be either on their “Advanced” plan or higher, on a yearly billing plan, or that you have added the carrier service feature for a monthly fee.

  2. an Arta account. Contact us to set up an Arta subscription today.