Arta Booking is a secure, Arta-hosted web page enabling your customers to intuitively book and pay for a shipment that meets their needs.

Arta Booking

This is a great option for clients looking to make integrating faster and easier.

  • Quick setup – Starting a Booking session takes just a single API call or can be done through your Client Dashboard.
  • Works across devices – Features a mobile-responsive design that works well across a variety of viewports.
  • International support – Enables your customers to get quotes and checkout in a variety of supported currencies.
  • Insurance – Add Arta Transit insurance as required for your customers or give them the option to choose.
  • Flexible payment options – Have Arta collect payment directly from your customers within the booking session or have Arta invoice you once shipments are in transit
  • Brandable – Customize the look and feel of Arta’s hosted products with the branding your customers recognize.


Visit Arta’s demo site to preview a common Booking workflow integrated post-checkout on our demo e-commerce marketplace.