The Arta app on Shopify is distributed as a private app instead of in the Shopify app store. This enables Arta to provide a high-quality user experience tailored precisely to Arta’s client’s specialized shipping requirements.

Request access

The first step to installing the Arta app is to email your Arta account manager or Arta support and ask them for a magic link to start the installation process.

Please make sure to provide them with the address of your Shopify store’s admin interface (for example, as this is used to generate a link especially for your store.

App installation

Once your Arta account manager has given you an installation link, click it! You’ll be taken to a Shopify screen that confirms you are about to install the Arta app. This screen also presents the permissions that you are granting to support Arta’s powering your checkout and enabling you to fulfill Shopify orders through the app.


If the “install app” button is disabled and cannot be clicked, it may be that your store does not have access to the CarrierService API or that the user you are signed in as does not have access to install apps in the store.

Please get in touch with your account manager to troubleshoot.

Once you have reviewed the details, click the “install app” button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be directed to the home screen for the Arta app on Shopify, and there you can continue setting up the connection to your Arta organization.