Monitoring shipment progress

When a shipment is booked through the Arta on Shopify app, Arta’s logistics experts will coordinate all required services for the shipment – condition checks, collection, packing, release, et cetera – on your behalf.

You can view the shipment details, download labels, and monitor progress within the app or from Arta’s own Dashboard app (

In the Shopify admin

Follow these simple steps to manage and monitor shipments in your store:

  • On the Arta app’s homepage, you will see a count of active shipments in the “Shipments” section.

Arta app on Shopify - home active shipments

  • Click on the “manage” link in the “Shipments” section to proceed to the “Shipment” page. This page lists all shipments booked through the Arta on Shopify app.

Search & filter shipments

The Shipments list page includes a combined search and filter bar that enables you to find the specific shipments efficiently. You can use the search input and status filter menu together or separately.

The search field updates in real-time and matches the text you enter based on each shipment’s shortcode. The “status” filter enables you to select any of Arta’s shipment statuses: “pending,” “confirmed,” “collected,” “in transit,” “completed,” and “cancelled.”

Arta app on Shopify - shipments list

  • Click on the row corresponding to the shipment you would like to view. This will open a shipment detail pop-up window.

Arta app on Shopify - shipment detail

The shipment detail pop-up window displays key information about the shipment:

  • Current status
  • Shipment quote type
  • Expected collection and delivery dates
  • Tracking information
  • Shipping label links
  • Services included in the shipment

In the Arta Dashboard

All of the shipments you’ve booked through the Arta app on Shopify are also presented within Arta’s own Dashboard app.

In addition to monitoring shipments, the Dashboard enables you to:

  • quickly create instant shipping quote requests and book them without Shopify
  • efficiently search through all your previous requests and shipments
  • customize your branded tracking pages and emails
  • contact Arta’s logistics experts with questions about your shipments
  • manage API keys and webhook endpoints for custom integrations
  • view audit logs for API requests, SMS messages, and email deliveries

Visit the Dashboard at ( to get started.

Beyond enabling visibility into your shipments’ progress, the Arta app on Shopify automatically sets status and tracking changes for orders fulfilled via Arta as they are available. Lets continue and dig in to the Arta app’s automation superpowers.