Fulfilling Shopify orders with the Arta app

When your customer completes a checkout, Shopify creates a new order in your store. Initially, Shopify assigns this order a “fulfillment status” of “unfulfilled.” Fullfilling an order through the Shopify platform will trigger email notifications to your customer, decrement inventory counts for any associated products (if those are tracked within your store), and update the order’s status to “fulfilled.”

Using the Arta app on Shopify, you can quickly fulfill orders and book Arta shipments across Arta’s self and full service shipping tiers.

Fulfillment workflow

  • On the Arta app’s homepage, you will see a count of unfulfilled orders in the “Orders” section.

Arta app on Shopify - home unfulfilled orders

  • Click on the “manage” link in the “Orders” section to proceed to the “Orders” page. This page lists any unfulfilled orders in your store.

Arta app on Shopify - orders list

  • Click on the row for the order you would like to fulfill through Arta. This will open the “Select Package” a pop-up window. The pop-up window presents all items in your order grouped by their origin locations.

Arta app on Shopify - shipment select

  • Click on the “Fetch rates” button for the package you intend to fulfill. This will make an API call to Arta with your API key and open the “Book Shipment” pop-up window. This window displays shipping quotes for the items in your package from Arta. The window also presents the shipping price cost during checkout along with the selected shipping method.

Arta app on Shopify - orders list

  • Click on the “Book shipment” button next to the shipping quote that you would like to purchase to fulfill these items. This will create a shipment on Arta for your organization, mark the order as fulfilled, notify your customers via Shopify’s email system and close the pop-up window.

Now that we have successfully fulfilled an order by booking a shipment with Arta, lets continue by learning about monitoring shipments from within Shopify and on the Arta Dashboard.