An Arta-hosted public interface for tracking shipments. All Arta Shipments return a public tracking URL so building out post-purchase tracking interfaces can be optional.

Like all of Arta’s hosted UIs, Arta Tracking features a mobile responsive design that works well across all viewports.

We use the shipment’s status, delivery schedule, tracking event details, and Shipment Exceptions to provide a consistent tracking experience for all Shipments.

Arta Tracking

Shipment Status

Shipment statuses keep users informed as the Arta team confirms the shipment details with our carrier network, then as the objects are collected, transported, and delivered to their final destination.  More detailed descriptions of each status and the overall shipment lifecycle and be found in the Shipment Statuses guide.

Delivery Schedule

Our team will update the shipment with an estimated delivery schedule, typically expressed as a range of dates, when the shipment is confirmed. Once the objects are in transit, the delivery schedule is typically updated with a specific delivery date provided by the carriers.

Event Details

Shipments being transported by common parcel carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, will also include event tracking details which give users more granular insights into all of a package’s movements.

Shipment Exceptions

Not all Shipment Exceptions are public-facing but those that are will be presented at the top of the page as well as on the relevant package. Understanding that there is an Exception gives users more context into why a shipment might be delayed and whether any action is required to resolve the Exception.

Guest Subscriptions

Guest Subscriptions for SMS and Email on Arta Tracking

Guest subscriptions are not configured or enabled by the Organization, but rather available on all Arta Tracking pages so anyone who is tracking a shipment can sign up to be notified of key updates related to that shipment.

Once enabled, Arta will provide the following updates via SMS and/or Email, depending on what the user signed up for:

  • Shipment Collected
  • Shipment In Transit
  • Shipment Complete
  • Shipment Cancelled
  • Shipment Schedule Updated