Part of what makes Arta unique is the combination of our technology and insurance with fulfillment logistics.

Arta’s team is comprised of logistics experts from across the art, furniture, collectibles, jewelry and luxury space and have a deep understanding of the quality and excellence required in the handling, transport and communication of these types of shipments.

Our network

Arta’s network of diverse carriers provides transportation and handling fit for a wide variety of object types, sizes and values. Depending on the items you sell, Arta will return the best fit of Quote Types. From common carriers for Self Ship to fine art technicians for Premium, Arta has connections worldwide for every leg of your shipment.

Knowing our carriers will be on site and communicating directly with your clients, Arta maintains a network of professionals who pride themselves on working with unique and high value goods.

Arta brings all of our carrier partners under one technology and communication layer, providing consistent tracking, branding and delivery experiences for all shipment types that your customers can rely on – even when complexities pop up like customs clearance or delivery exceptions.

What’s inside

Detailed coverage of key fulfillment concepts: