Tracking Arta shipments

Tracking insights can vary greatly depending on the Quote Type and a Carrier’s abilities, which can create inconsistent and frustrating user experiences for your customers.  Arta uses shipment milestones, delivery schedules, and details provided by our carriers to create a consistent tracking experience regardless of who is fulfilling the shipment.

How to Track

Arta provides a few solutions for tracking a shipment:

  • Arta API – All of the data used to build out an Arta Tracking page are available in the Arta API. Use the API and Arta’s webhooks system to build completely unique Tracking tools or augment order management pages with relevant Shipment insights to keep your teams and customers informed.
  • Arta Tracking – An Arta-hosted public interface for tracking shipments. All Arta shipments return a public tracking URL so building out post-purchase tracking interfaces can be optional. Learn More.
  • Client Dashboard – All of the publicly available tracking details are available in your Dashboard so your teams can manage all aspects of a shipment from a single app.