Communications ensure that your teams and your customers stay informed of key updates to shipments. In this section, we’ll cover the options Arta provides to meet your operational and business needs. Like many of our solutions, these can be combined to accelerate integration timelines or simply provide flexible solutions.

At a high level, Arta offers five solutions related to Communications. Each is optimized for a specific audience but can be configured as your business sees fit.

  • User Notifications are ideal for internal users with access to the Client Dashboard. The notification settings can be personalized to each user, with messages appearing in your Dashboard Inbox. Users can optionally subscribe to a digest email that summarizes the relevant updates to ensure users don’t miss a thing. Learn More.

  • Email Rules are configured at the Organization level and are optimized for communicating updates to contacts on a particular shipment, such as the Origin or Delivery contacts. Learn More.

  • Email Subscriptions enable you to subscribe members of your team or a distribution list to Arta email notifications by providing an email address per email type. Similar to Rules, email notifications are triggered per shipment update, so they are best for individuals or teams looking for a very specific type of update, e.g., AR/PR teams being notified about Invoices that need to be paid. Learn More.

  • Webhooks are used to receive key updates from Arta that can power truly customized notifications. Learn More.

  • Guest Subscriptions From Arta’s Tracking page, any individual can set up Email and/or SMS notifications in order to be notified of a particular shipment’s key milestones. Learn More.