The Arta workflow

Arta’s platform is designed to streamline transactions from end-to-end for you and your buyers – especially for high-value and unique items. We’ve previously looked at how transactions like these can be complicated given the many steps between vendors, quoting, fees, and paperwork. But Arta provides a single and efficient layer on top of the whole process. This is the Arta Workflow.

Typically, without Arta, for these kinds of transactions, you would be required to:

  1. Get shipping quotes from one or more vendors
  2. Book and pay for the quote you’ve selected in different ways depending on the vendors capabilities and terms
  3. Coordinate the release and delivery of packed items
  4. Manage communication throughout the process including providing your buyers visibility into the tracking and status of the shipment

The shape and complexity of any of these steps can vary widely based on the shipment’s details; additional factors can further introduce delays, cost, and manual intervention — namely, purchasing transit insurance and cross-border requirements for international shipments.

While it may be possible to facilitate small numbers of transactions this way, it doesn’t scale well. Instead, Arta provide an easy-to-work-with system that makes each of these steps simpler for all parties.

Workflow Overview


Arta redefines the conventional shipment quoting process through its sophisticated technology platform and broad carrier network.

Arta’s process starts with creating a Quote Request. Each Quote Request may return quotes in all of Arta’s four quote types:

  • Premium – Specialized climate-controlled transportation and museum-quality packing, handled by trained technicians from wall to wall
  • Select – Consolidated transportation with optional transit packing and white-glove handling at collection and delivery
  • Parcel – Collection and custom packaging for smaller objects with expedited shipping via preferred parcel networks
  • Self Ship – Self Ship provides the same Parcel transportation options as our Parcel Quote type without the additional collection and packing services

Unlike the traditional methods that demand tedious steps and extensive logistics knowledge, our web-based Dashboard or API endpoints enable immediate access to shipping quotes. We call this instant quoting. The simplicity and speed eases your decision-making process and returns a diverse range of solutions from commercial parcel to white-glove specialized shipments, both domestically and internationally. Moreover, our platform allows you to request a broad array of optional services, work in multiple currencies, and procure quotes for multiple items concurrently, all tailored to your unique shipping needs.

Our value proposition extends beyond just convenience and speed, though. Arta’s platform employs cutting-edge predictive algorithms to propose the most optimal packing options for unpacked items across all service tiers. This not only ensures secure transit but also eliminates any guesswork and additional expense tied to packaging decisions. Furthermore, with our extensive carrier network, we can offer unrivaled versatility in service and geographic reach.

Custom Quotes

For truly complex shipments when an instant quote is not possible, our team of experts is available to provide custom quoting along with guidance and recommendations for the most cost-effective and secure solutions.


Arta’s instant quote system can also provide non-bookable estimates through the Dashboard or via the API for pre-checkout use cases when exact locations are not yet determined.


Similarly, Arta has rebuilt logistics booking and payments from the ground up with an emphasis on simplicity and convenience. Gone are the protracted back-and-forths with different vendors and contending with various payment methods. With Arta, booking your shipment is as easy as clicking a button or making a straightforward API call.

Our digital platform automates the entire booking process, removing traditional bottlenecks and allowing for swift, efficient transactions. Once you select the quote that best fits your needs, the booking process is a breeze.

Our system generates an invoice that encapsulates all the shipment costs, sparing you from the tedium of dealing with multiple bills from different carriers for complex shipments. Payment can be made instantly through our secure web application using major credit cards or on terms for clients preferring to collect the cost of shipping directly from their customers.

Hosted Booking

If you would prefer your customer configure their own shipments, Arta offers brandable web interfaces for quote selection and payment. These web interfaces are designed to seamlessly blend into your existing online platform, maintaining a consistent brand identity and ensuring a high-quality customer experience from start to finish.

Fulfillment and Tracking

Our commitment to streamlining your logistics needs extends beyond quoting and booking through the fulfillment and tracking stages as well.

For Self Ship bookings, Arta generates labels directly for you, simplifying the process for your team.

In the case of full-service quote types like Premium, Select, and Parcel, you can sit back and relax as our logistics specialists coordinate collection, packing, transportation, and delivery, efficiently managing the process on your behalf. Arta’s team is comprised of logistics experts with a deep understanding of the nuance required in the handling, transport, and communication of these types of shipments. We work proactively as your partners and specialize in solving issues before they become problems.


Arta’s platform leverages extensive automation to provide real-time updates on shipment progress, offering transparency akin to that provided by leading parcel carriers. This real-time tracking allows for precise planning and enhanced customer service, keeping all stakeholders informed about a shipment’s status at every step of the way.

Tracking, Customer Service, and Visibility

Our commitment to transparency doesn’t end there. Arta offers hosted and brandable post-purchase tracking pages, SMS notifications, and a configurable shipment lifecycle email series, giving your customers immediate visibility into their shipment progress. With Arta, every aspect of the logistics process, from quoting to tracking, is simplified and optimized for your convenience.

When your customers do find themselves with questions regarding a shipment or the need to reschedule, they can reach out to Arta’s dedicated customer support team.

Cross-border documentation and fees

Navigating export documents can limit global business expansion due to tedious requirements, and varying rules dependent on the Export Country, Import Country, and Object types and values.

Arta has an Electronic Customs Documentation (ECD) feature that automates the export filing process ensuring your shipments remain compliant and your costs remain accurate. Additionally, our experts monitor fulfillment and provide communication and coordination support during customs procedures.

In the next guides, we’ll dig deeper into the details of Arta’s shipping products from Quote Requests and Shipments to Insurance and Customer Support.