Services & Insurance

In this guide, we cover how clients can request additional services for their shipments and describe how Arta itemizes services on a quote.  We also briefly describe how Arta’s API can be leveraged to achieve business requirements and increase revenue.

Full-Service Shipments

Arta specializes in full-service shipments from collection through delivery and beyond.  Our API determines how objects should be securely packed for each mode of transportation and our carriers collect, pack, and transport your goods from the origin to the destination.  At delivery, our trained technicians can unpack, install or assemble your goods, and haul away all packing materials.

Requestable Services

When requesting shipping quotes from Arta, you can request additional services that you or your customers wish to be included in the quotes.  Requestable services and their descriptions are available in the Services Metadata Endpoint ↗︎.

Included and Optional Services

When Arta returns quotes, the services are divided into Included and Optional Services.  Included services are included in the quote total and are either required by Arta or explicitly requested by the client.  Most quotes will also include some optional services and their costs.  The optional services available may vary between quotes as some specialized delivery services, such as Installation which cannot be performed by common parcel carriers.  Optional services can be added to quotes before booking.


Arta Transit Insurance is a full risk policy that covers objects and shipping costs for objects handled and transported with Arta. Arta Transit Insurance’s eligibility may vary by Quote Type based on the object’s value. Visit transit insurance to learn more about our coverage.

Client Configurations

When building a full API integration, you can manage custom configurations and rules to meet your business needs.  For example, you can require that all orders include Arta Transit Insurance or that Condition Reports are required when object values hit a specific threshold.  Our team can provide guidance on how your business can use the API to support your business’s specific use cases.