Transit Insurance

Transit Insurance is an “all risks” policy built for the transportation of unique and high value objects moved with Arta. Transit Insurance is available across all of our service types, for all of the objects we support.

An “all risks” policy covers restoration and repair, not just claims for total loss, intending to preserve these one of a kind items. Transit Insurance covers the object from the moment Arta takes possession through delivery, including any on site services.

Including Transit Insurance

Transit Insurance is an additional service, and if requested, the cost will be itemized in our quotes. Transit Insurance must be booked with the shipment, and cannot be added after collection. If the customer opts out of Transit Insurance, Arta’s liability for loss, damage, or non delivery is limited as described in Arta’s Terms & Conditions to $.60 per pound, subject to a maximum of $50 per occurrence.

Transit Insurance coverage is for the sum of the object values provided by the client on the request, which should reflect the total sum paid for the objects. Transit Insurance does not include coverage for duties and taxes paid to customs.

Condition Inspections

For insurance purposes, objects may be inspected at collection and/or delivery. Conditions may be photographed and/or noted on shipment documents (such as a Bill of Lading or Proof of Delivery). This service may require unpacking and handling objects at either location. Costs for these services are included in Arta’s shipping cost.

Arta can decline or cancel insurance based on our terms, conditions, and exclusions. To read more, visit

*Transit Insurance is provided by third-party insurers and not by Arta. Arta does not sell, solicit, broker or underwrite insurance.

Lost Shipments

Transit Insurance can also cover total loss in the cases of non-delivery. Lost shipment investigations can take 30 days. After the completion of the investigation the shipment will be deemed lost or, if found, delivery will be completed.

Customers are responsible for cooperating with Arta’s and/or the applicable insurer’s claims investigation, including but not limited to: surveying the objects after delivery, speaking with facility staff, and confirming with other individuals on site. Arta can request proof of these efforts as part of our investigation.

Filing a claim

Claims should be filed for damage or other conditions, loss or non-delivery. Claims should be reported as soon as possible, and in any event, within seven (7) days of delivery. Claims submitted after this time are subject to review.

When submitting a claim, include:

  • 3-5 clear in-focus images of the entire object and the condition
  • 2-3 images of the packaging (interior and exterior)
  • A description of the issue
  • Arta shortcode, reference or tracking number

Do not discard of the object or packaging until Arta has coordinated repair, appraisal or disposal.

Arta and/or the applicable insurer might require additional documentation and potentially a site visit to evaluate the condition of the object. Arta may also schedule transportation to move the object(s) for restoration or disposal.

If determined a total loss, Arta may request the person in possession of the object(s) to fully destroy the damaged object per Arta’s instruction / specifications and provides image as proof, or have Arta source a salvage company to collect damaged object for disposal.

Claims can take 4 to 8 weeks to resolve. During this time there will be investigation, documentation, possibly restoration or disposal, and payout processing.

Arta reserves the right to decline a claim based on our terms, conditions, and exclusions. To read more, visit