Shipment statuses

We use the Shipment status field to communicate various milestone updates about a shipment.  In this guide, we’ll walk through a Shipment’s lifecycle.

Once a shipment is booked, it will be Pending. This status denotes that a quote has been booked and is being reviewed by an Arta logistics specialist. Once all services are confirmed within our carrier network, the shipment will be Confirmed.

A confirmed shipment has been booked within our carrier network. During this phase, we are scheduling collection between the carrier and the origin location contact.

Depending on the services booked, a shipment will then transition from Confirmed to Collected or In Transit. Some shipments skip the Collected milestone as they are In Transit as soon as they’re collected.

Once a shipment is delivered and all services have been executed, the shipment will transition to Completed.

A shipment can also be Cancelled, but any cancellation needs to be coordinated with an Arta team member as cancellations may incur a fee per our cancellation policy.

Shipment statuses