Destination services

For Select and Premium quote types, objects will be delivered by hand. This requires a local carrier to schedule an appointment with the destination contact. Contacts should be aware of the booked shipment and its delivery schedule, and be familiar with either the Public Reference or Arta Shortcode.

Location on the premises

Depending on the transportation service booked, shipments may be delivered curbside, at threshold or room of choice. Typically, shipments are delivered inside the threshold or entrance to the building. Shipments are always delivered in a directly accessible, ground floor location. Meaning, the packages can pass through all doorways, no furniture needs to be moved and no stairs are required. Unpaved driveways, low overhangs and other unique instances may also be considered inaccessible.

Contacts should understand these limitations and be prepared with a location for the shipment to be placed, at the discretion of the local carrier.


If Transit Insurance is booked, Arta will likely carry out a Condition Check on-site at the destination location. Conditioning includes taking images of the object from multiple angles, close inspection, and note taking. Local carriers may ask for a clean, open space to conduct their review.

For shipments booked with Installation or Assembly, local carriers may arrive prepared to move objects from their current position into a safe state for packaging. Carriers will be respectful of the location, and work to efficiently yet safely move the objects to an area for packing. Objects should be directly accessible with no ladders or equipment required.


On-site contacts are expected to have the authority to make decisions related to handling and answer questions regarding the objects. If conditions change on site and additional charges may apply, Arta will be in contact to discuss with our client.