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Standards are subject to change. Please refer to this page for the most current information.

Data Requirements

Locations Objects
For Quotes To Book For Quotes Optional
Country Country Type Weight
City OR Postcode Postcode Value Creator
Region Dimensions Year
City Image
Address Line 1

Learn more at Data requirements.

Quotes Types

Services Premium Select Parcel Self Ship
Delivery – Included Room of Choice – Ground Level Threshold Threshold Threshold
Transportation Temperature controlled trucking Non-climate Multimodal Multimodal
Handling Trained technicians White glove optional Machine sorted Machine sorted
Delivery window 2 – 5 day window 2 – 5 day window Day of arrival Day of arrival
Delivery notice Call 24hrs in advance Call 24hrs in advance Automated tracking Automated tracking
Max value < $1M < $50K < $50K < $25K
Max Dimensions Two technicians (8’H, 250lbs, 50 cuft) Hand truck or dollies (250cuft, 500lbs) Conveyable (2H + 2D+ W < 165”, 150lbs) Conveyable (2H + 2D+ W < 165”, 150lbs)

Learn more at Quote types.

Quoting Expectations

  • Quotes are valid for thirty (30) days
  • All quotes are based on known information, final charges based on actuals
  • Services must be booked in advance to guarantee availability
  • Valid address and contact information must be provided at booking
  • Arta is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete shipment information
  • Locations are assumed to be vehicle accessible and available during arrival ETA
  • Arrival times are based on local carrier availability subject to change
  • Pre-fabricated crates and on-site packing must be requested by custom quote
  • Additional or replacement packaging may be required at the carrier or Arta’s discretion
  • All quotes assume items are for ground floor delivery with elevator and doorway access, stairs and limited access will result in additional fees
  • It is the responsibility of the client to authorize release or receipt at the collection and delivery location(s)
  • Objects not delivered or returned (including empty crates) may accrue additional handling, storage and disposal
  • All quotes assume each location has adequate room for handling, unless otherwise indicated
  • Collection from trade shows or limited access locations will require custom quotes


  • Unless otherwise stated in the quote, duties and taxes are not included and must be paid upon arrival at destination country
  • Storage, warehouse handling and inspection fees are not included in quoted rate and will be presented to billing party if applicable
  • For all U.S. Imports an Importer of Record is required to complete a POA (Power of Attorney) during the import Customs clearance formalities
  • For European shipments, unless otherwise stated, all quotes assume that the artwork(s) is in “Free Circulation”
  • Any temporary admission needs to be requested at the time of quoting
  • All crates must meet international shipping standards (ie. ISPM-15 “Bug Stamped”)

Custom Quotes

For shipments outside of our quoting assumptions or Disqualified from our instant pricing.

Example: shipping deadlines; specific packing requirements; non-standard delivery services requested (i.e. not easily accessible, requires more than 2 handlers)

Quick video explaining the Custom Request flow

Custom quotes are typically provided within 1-3 business days; 3-4 days for international or oversized shipments.

Learn more at Custom Quotes.

Optional services

Name Available Quote Types
Unpacking Parcel*, Select, Premium
Condition Check Parcel*, Select, Premium
Condition Report Select, Premium
Placement Select, Premium
Assembly/Disassembly Select
Installation/Deinstallation Premium
Debris Disposal Select, Premium
Double Blind BOLs Select, Premium
Signature Required Self Ship, Parcel, Select, Premium

*At Origin Only

The following services are required when insurance is requested for Parcel, Select, or Premium.

Condition Check (origin)
Signature Required

Learn more at Services & Insurance.


Required Information for a Request to become a Shipment:

  • Complete collection and delivery address, including street address
  • Name, phone number and email address for both collection and delivery contact

Learn more at Estimates and bookable quotes.


Arta will not fulfill shipments until payment is received.

There will be an Exception on any shipment with payment outstanding.

If the Organization has Terms with Arta, invoices will be issued when the shipment status becomes In Transit.

Learn more at Payments.

Service Changes

Client Initiated

Requested adjustments to shipments should be communicated through Arta’s comment feature on the dashboard or emailed to Support. These adjustments include change in contact details, delivery address changes, delivery hold requests.

Arta will review requested adjustments on a case by case basis, and will respond within 1 business day.

Changes in Fulfillment

Arta quotes are based on the information provided. Changes to critical information about the shipment, including locations and object details, may result in additional charges.

Arta will alert the billing party for the shipment with changes within (1) business day.

The billing party is responsible for any changes in cost, typically:

  • Changes in require data in order to quote
  • Collection and delivery attempt fees
  • Additional time on site at locations for unresponsive contacts or inability to deliver
  • Costs related to returned shipments that fail to clear customs

Customs Enablement


Arta recommends all clients use our Export Customs Documents (ECD) feature. All other international shipments will require a Commercial Invoice.

Shipments will be delayed if export information is not provided within 1 business day.


Duties and taxes are not included in quotes and are due upon arrival into the destination country.

Duties and taxes will be collected by Arta’s carrier network or local customs authorities.

Delinquent payment of applicable fees may cause the shipment to be returned or destroyed.

Learn more at Customs Enablement.

Shipping Timelines

Shipment delivery will vary by geography and service type.

Current anticipated timelines available at Arta Delivery Timelines.

Tracking Notifications

Shipment collection and delivery date(s) will be provided as soon as available.

Collection date(s) are provided when a shipment state is Confirmed.

Delivery Date(s) are provided when a shipment state is In Transit.

Updates to shipping schedules will be provided within one (1) business day.

Scheduling will be provided via email and webhook; clients are responsible for configuring delivery of this information to applicable parties

Arta offers other email notifications in addition to status updates, please review: Email Rules & Subscriptions

Please learn more about tracking and notifications at Statuses, Tracking and Communications.


Arta reserves the right to charge for all services scheduled or performed.

This includes:

  • Charges an attempted collection fee if Arta’s carrier is turned away or the shipment is not located at the provided collection address.
  • Packaging that has been fabricated even if not ultimately used to transport the object(s).
  • Collection appointments that have been scheduled and the time has been reserved with an Arta carrier.
  • Arta will assess each request on a case by case basis, and either confirm the cancellation within 1 business day, or advise on next steps.

Customer Support

All Arta transactional emails have a default reply to of support@arta.io.  All emails will be addressed in one (1) business day.

Response Timing

Arta aims to reply to emails and voicemails within 2 hours of receipt, during business hours.

Arta aims to reply to Comments left on the Dashboard within 2 hours of receipt, during business hours.

Visit Contact Us for more information.

Arta will contact recipients in the following cases:

  • Send all Emails based on your Email Rules
  • Provide education on our products and services
  • Handle Insurance Claims
  • Reach out if Exceptions are not resolved

Arta will contact our clients regarding:

  • Changes to the shipment that affect the client experience
    • Such as changes to services, packaging or damage
  • When recipients feel our services are not as expected
  • If cost adjustments occur
  • All highly sensitive escalations

Custom Reply-To Addresses

Arta Emails can be configured to reply to your team.

If the reply-to email is changed, Arta will not be copied and is not responsible for support inquiries.

Learn more at Customer Support.

Dashboard Inbox

All Users should enable the ‘New Comment’ notification within their Inbox.

We suggest all users opt into all Inbox Notifications with an hourly or daily digest and pull back as they see fit.

Learn more at User Notifications.


Exception notices will be available via webhooks, Dashboard, Shopify app and Tracking.

Exceptions will summarize why the shipment has been disrupted or put on hold. For additional information, contact Arta via Comment or Email.

Exceptions left unresolved will likely delay delivery and increase costs.

Learn more at Shipment Exceptions.


All claims must be submitted to claims@arta.io within 7 days of delivery.

Arta will handle communications with the recipient, unless instruction otherwise.

Arta Claims will reply to all inquiries within 1 business day.

The claims process can take up to 30-45 business days.

Learn more at Transit Insurance.