Shipment exceptions


Arta proactively monitors shipments as they progress and we use Shipment Exceptions to surface specifics about anything that interrupts the natural flow or timing of a shipment.

Exceptions do not necessarily mean that something is wrong; for example, a customer may ask us to reroute a shipment or pause delivery until a specified date.

Exception details are available in the Arta API, Client Dashboard, and on Tracking pages. Arta’s Clients can enable email notifications specific to exceptions to keep your customers in the loop as well.

Shipment exceptions

Data and structure

Exceptions belong to one of these three categories:

  • Action Required
  • Pause
  • Alert

Additionally, an exception will have one of the following statuses at a given point in time:

  • New
  • In Progress
  • Resolved

Creating an Exception

Typically Arta creates exceptions to alert our clients and their recipients. Currently, we enable clients to create one exception to alert Arta to Hold to Collect. This is for situations where a shipment is booked but not ready for release. From the Dashboard or via API, clients can provide a ‘hold until’ date and clear the Exception when the shipment is ready to go.

User Tasks

For some exceptions Arta may need additional information from your team to proceed. Arta created User Tasks to collaborate directly within the Dashboard for requests such as Document Request or Contact Information Update. Tasks can be assigned to a single User or generally to the Organization. To be alerted of a new unassigned Tasks for your company, subscribe to the Unassigned User Task in your Inbox. Once assigned to a Task, you can set yourself a follow-up date and, after taking action, mark the Task complete.

Integrating into custom notification systems

For clients who choose to manage their own customer communications about shipments and who have integrated with Arta’s API, you can leverage our webhooks service to trigger updates for your customers. You can listen for the shipment_exception.status.updated webhook event to know in realtime that the shipment has updated and to initiate the delivery of a message to your customers. To create a Hold to Collect exception, you can use our endpoint.