Tracking inquiries

Arta has various automated ways to keep you and your buyers aware of your shipment’s status throughout it’s lifecycle.


Emails provide fundamental tracking updates. Email content varies with the most critical information at each particular stage. Emails can include the anticipated collection or delivery date(s), tracking information and instructions.

All emails will have a default “” reply-to email. This inbox is managed by our Client Service team, who will get back to the inquiring party within one business day. The reply-to address can be changed with our Branding feature.

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Tracking is automatically updated to provide the most realistic delivery date available. This static, public-facing URL is available for clients to visit between Emails to check on shipment delivery date(s).

Tracking can be shared with any third party also following the shipment, such as an advisor or property manager.

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Guest Notifications

To receive text messages or share tracking updates with another party, Arta has built Guest Notifications. On Tracking, anyone can subscribe to email or SMS notifications by submitting information through the “Subscribe for Updates” pop-up.

Those opted into Guest Notifications will be altered of every shipment milestone from the point of subscription on.

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Exception notices will be directly available on external tracking pages, outlining why a shipment has been delayed on it’s journey. Exception notices will identify why specifically a shipment is being held.

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Customer Support

If Emails, Tracking and Guest notifications are not providing the tracking information needed for a given shipment, you can always email Customer Support for a personalized response.

If you’re logged into the Dashboard, touch base directly with Arta’s team through the comment feature.