Once you or your client have reviewed the quotes provided by Arta, you can book the Shipment that’s right for you with one click or API call. Depending on your payment terms, payment may be required before fulfillment can begin or you may be invoiced for the shipment once it’s in transit. Learn more about Arta’s payment solutions.

A Note about Timing

Arta begins processing shipments right away so it’s important that you only book the shipment, once items are ready to be collected. Arta cannot guarantee our costs if the collection has to be delayed.  Delays can occur when objects have a production or manufacturing lead time or if they are on display at a Fair or Exhibit.  Our team can provide guidance on how best to handle these use cases.

How to Book

Who books a shipment and how will vary based on your integration strategy but the most common paths include:

  • Arta API - typically integrated at or just after checkout, clients can use the API to book a shipment once the buyer has confirmed their shipping address and the shipping option and price they prefer. Learn More.
  • Arta Booking - an Arta-hosted user interface that collects the shipping address and returns quotes. The buyer can book the shipment directly in the session and, depending on your payment configuration, can also pay for the shipment. Learn More.
  • Client Dashboard - a quick option for clients booking shipments directly or on behalf of their customers.