Request statuses

Request statuses give your business, your teams, and your customers the information you’ll need to convert your quote requests into booked shipments. In this guide we’ll walk through a Request’s lifecycle.

When a request is created it will either be Quoted or Disqualified.

A request is Quoted if Arta was able to generate at least one shipping quote.

A quoted request may include disqualifications by quote type if one of our service tiers is not appropriate for the request.  For example, a request to ship a large armoire will disqualify for Parcel quotes.

Note: A quoted request may or may not be bookable depending on how much information was provided in the request.  Learn more about the bookable quotes as compared to estimates.

A request is Disqualified if Arta was not able to generate any instant shipping quotes. Arta specializes in instant pricing for complex shipments globally but there are some requests that can’t be quoted instantly. If a request disqualifies, you can request a manual review of the request and a custom quote.  Learn more about Custom Quote Requests.

Requests submitted for custom quotes will be in the In Progress state while Arta specialists build a custom quote. Once quotes have been added by the Arta team, the request status will be updated to Quoted.

Once a quote is booked, the request is Closed and a Shipment is created. This is a final request state.

Arta honors quote costs for 30 days, assuming the original request details have not changed. After 30 days, the request will be Expired. This is a final request state. A new request will need to be created to book a shipment.

A request can be Cancelled at any time. This is a final request state. A new request will need to be created to book a shipment.

Request statuses