Scheduling collection and delivery

Arta’s Dashboard and emails ensures seamless scheduling across all service tiers. Up to date scheduling is always available on Tracking and notified via Emails.

Configuring Email Rules

Setting email rules for the origin and destination contacts associated with a shipment is the best way to make sure both locations are ready for the shipment. Particularly, by configuring “Collection Scheduled”, “Shipment In Transit” and “Shipment Schedule Update,” you can ensure that everyone will be aware of the anticipated shipment schedule.

More in the Emails guide

Appointment scheduling

Excluding transport with common couriers, local carriers will reach out directly to the collection or delivery contact the day prior to schedule a mutually convenient collection or delivery appointment. For our Premium service, estimated arrival windows may be provided farther in advance. Email notifications would have already alerted the relevant contact as to when the local carrier is expected. This direct line between on-site contact and carrier streamlines communication.

Arta Customer Support

Each email sent by Arta will have a default reply to email of Recipients of these emails can reply directly via email to touch base with our Customer Support team to communicate scheduling conflicts or request further clarification.

Scheduling questions via the Dashboard

Touch base directly with Arta’s Customer Support through the comment feature on the platform. This ensures we have a record of scheduling requests specific to any given shipment.