Integration strategies

At Arta, we’ve built our platform to give you full choice over how to best integrate our products and services into your business.

For these guides, we have grouped Arta’s tools into three overall strategies: No-Code, Full API integration, and Professional services.

Each approach has its own set of advantages, and the choice of which one to use will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of your applications, the level of customization required, as well as the technical design and development resources available to you.

Integration strategies

Arta Dashboard

Regardless of the approach you adopt from the list below, Arta’s Dashboard will typically anchor your integration. The Dashboard is a hosted admin interface on the web that provides full and real-time access to your organization’s data. From within the Dashboard, you can manage your team, create quotes, book shipments, communicate with Arta’s staff, and more.


A no-code strategy involves using Arta’s customizable pre-built products to provide your customers excellent experiences with minimal custom technical effort. These no-code tools may be white-labeled to suit your brand and may also use your custom domains. Typically these tools can be managed and customized fully from within the Arta Dashboard.

Arta’s primary No-code services are

  • Booking – efficient and mobile-friendly quoting and shipment booking
  • Tracking – realtime status and tracking updates for booked shipments
  • Shipment lifecycle emails – customizable shipment status and tracking emails sent to your customers
  • Estimates – JS widget providing price quick shipping estimates on your site


Arta has built a custom app for clients using Shopify to power their store experiences. If you are using Shopify, contact us to get Arta’s shipping quotes in checkout and in fulfillment.

Full API integration

A full API integration strategy involves building custom software by directly integrating with Arta’s APIs (application programming interfaces) and webhooks. This approach allows for more flexibility and customization than no-code, as it enables developers to directly access and manipulate the data and functionality Arta provides. However, this approach requires a high level of technical expertise, and it can be time-consuming to implement.

Arta provides a fully-featured API as well as a secure and comprehensive webhook callback system to make building custom integrations straightforward.

Professional services

Arta provides an array of professional services, including data planning & processing, customer service, and in-depth business analytics, to cater to your unique post-purchase or logistics needs. Additionally, Arta can develop tailor-made solutions to streamline the specific challenges faced by your business.

This provides a broad overview of the No-Code, Full API integration, and Professional services strategies that you may take to integrate Arta into your business. We encourage you to mix and match from within these approaches to fit your needs.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that integrations can evolve — it is often a good idea to start even full API integrations narrowly scoped and to leverage Professional services and No-code tools while building your custom integrations incrementally.