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Branding Overview

Arta provides the ability to add your company’s branding to our customer-facing products, such as tracking and email notifications. This feature enables businesses to customize the look and feel of Arta’s hosted products with the branding their customers recognize. By adding your branding, your business can maintain a cohesive customer experience from checkout to delivery, with notifications along the way.

Leverage the checkout and shipping journey as an opportunity to showcase your brand. This customization lets your customers encounter your brand identity every time they engage with our checkout, tracking, and subsequent communications.

Arta Branding Overview

Brand Preferences

Branding can be conveniently managed within Arta’s platform. To access brand management, click Hosted Products in the left-hand navigation. Within the Hosted Products tab, select Branding, which will bring you to an overview page outlining “Branding,” “Domain,” and “Social.” These elements can be customized on the tabs across the top navigation bar.


Here, you can upload the visual elements representing your brand, such as logo, cover image, and color. To see how our hosted products will implement your brand, toggle to the Overview tab.

Abstract images work best for Cover Images since we will display basic shipment information on top of the cover image during hosted sessions and tracking.

Your company description can be added to provide more information to those on a hosted session or those following a tracking page. The details will enable onlookers to hover over your business’ name and read a brief company description.

Arta provides customizable communications throughout the shipment journey to ensure the right people are notified about shipment updates. These emails all have a default reply-to email of support@arta.io. Arta’s customer support team manages the inbox. Our best-in-class support team responds to inquiries within one business day. However, if you prefer to field these inquiries, we allow our clients to do so by editing the reply-to email. Please remember that Arta will not receive copies of the reply-to emails if the email is changed.


Our branding feature enables your business to use it’s own domain for Arta-hosted pages. Instructions for setting up your domain are as follows:

Step 1: Configure your DNS settings

To point a custom domain, such as shipping.auctionhouse.com, to your Arta public pages, you must create a CNAME record with your DNS provider.

  • Find your DNS provider’s DNS record settings for your apex domain, for example, auctionhouse.com.
  • Add a CNAME record with your subdomain, for example, as the host.
  • Point the record to the Arta custom domains endpoint sites.arta.io.

Save these settings with your DNS provider. Note that it may take up to a day in some circumstances for the new record to fully propagate across the global Domain Name System.

Step 2: Add your domain on Arta

When you’re ready, add your custom domain here. Arta’s internal services will automatically check to validate that the custom domain is pointing to the Arta platform. Once this is confirmed, your Arta account manager will enable the domain for your organization.


Add your business’ socials to Arta-hosted pages and email notifications to add a familiar touch. Socials will be linked at the bottom of Arta-hosted pages and emails.

Branded Communications & Arta-Hosted Pages

Once configured, your branded elements will appear across Arta-hosted pages and email notifications.


Email Rules and Subscriptions are configured to ensure the right people — origin contacts, delivery contacts, and third parties — are notified about shipment updates. If branded, emails display your uploaded logo, color, and linked socials. If you’ve edited the reply-to email, remember that Arta will not receive copies when an email recipient responds to an email notification. If branding is not uploaded, Arta’s logo and complimentary color will be on email notifications.


Emails typically drive users to tracking pages for the most up-to-date status of a shipment. Tracking pages will utilize the following branded elements if configured: Logo, Cover Image, Color, Company Description, Domain, and Socials. If not configured, our tracking pages will default to using Arta’s branding.

Branding on Arta Tracking

Hosted Sessions

Hosted Sessions — such as Booking Sessions and Sharing a Request — have the same layout as our Tracking and display the same branded elements. Similarly, we will default to Arta’s branding if these elements are not configured.