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Arta enables high-value goods and collectibles to be easily bought and sold online and moved with transparency and care. We provide instant quotes, status updates, automated emails, and more.

Keep reading to learn what you can expect when you empower your business through Arta.

How Arta works

Arta uses the information provided, such as object materials, value, and dimensions, to determine a safe and economical shipping method.  We present the price to the buyer and once booked we coordinate collection, transport and delivery, providing a live tracking page and email notifications while in transit.

With Self Ship shipments

  1. Once a shipment is booked, Arta will confirm the shipment details and send the origin contact an email with the prepaid shipping label(s).
  2. Arta will provide packing instructions for each object within the same email. Our guidance includes suggested packing materials and dimensions, and information regarding whether multiple objects can be safely packed together. Sellers may request additional shipping labels for items that are already packaged separately.
  3. Once all objects are packed, sellers can schedule a pickup with the specified carrier or release the package at a drop-off location.
  4. Tracking can be automatically sent to the recipient depending on the marketplace’s email configurations.

With Parcel, Select, and Premium shipments

  1. Once a shipment is booked, Arta will confirm the shipment details and send the origin contact a confirmation email.
  2. The carrier will reach out to coordinate the collection, gather necessary details (like driveways, stairs, etc.). The carrier will also call the day of collection to confirm their estimated arrival time.
  3. The carrier will collect the item and package it appropriately for safe transportation.
  4. Tracking can be automatically sent to the recipient depending on your organization’s email configurations.

Coordinating collection

As soon as a shipment is booked, Arta will contract a local carrier to come collect the artwork. Our carriers will contact the origin location to coordinate an anticipated collection window so the object can be prepared for release. The carriers will also call ahead on the collection day to confirm the estimated time.


The carrier will collect the item for transport back to their warehouse; here, packaging will be completed before the object enters transit. It is standard practice for the carrier not to pack the work at collection.

Transport timing

Arta always aim for timely deliveries. Delivery speeds vary based on the service booked and geography. You can review our delivery timelines here.


Every email links to a shipment-specific Arta Tracking page that automatically updates a shipment’s progress until the delivery is complete. These pages are public and viewable by anyone with the link.

Tracking pages include:

  • Current shipment status
  • Anticipated delivery dates
  • Detailed tracking for parcel packages
  • The ability for buyers to subscribe to email or SMS text message updates.

Arta Tracking

Communicating with buyers

To facilitate a smooth shipping experience, Arta will relay key information at each of our shipment milestones via email.

Email notifications include:

  • Additional information required for customs clearance
  • Inventory and collection appointment confirmation
  • Shipment schedule and delivery location confirmation
  • Online tracking and delivery timing
  • Schedule changes and updated timeline
  • Canceled shipments

Arta Email Notifications


To export objects to another country, Commercial Invoices are required by customs, often with other information, like licensing. Most shipments will require a Harmonized System code, country of origin, and a Power of Attorney to use the exporter’s tax ID.

To streamline Commercial Invoice generation and enable marketplaces with various sellers, Arta has an Electronic Customs Documentation (ECD) feature to automate the export filing process. You can read more about the feature here. Arta will automatically enable this feature on your account when you opt in.

Arta users can opt to upload Commercial Invoices and share additional customs information via the dashboard. This manual process can cause delays if paperwork is not drafted correctly or information is missing.


  • How does Arta pick the service tier and packing type? – Arta analyzes information about object types, materials, dimensions, and values to identify safe and economical packaging.

  • How does Arta predict the packed dimensions? – Depending on the attributes above, Arta aims to consolidate as many items as possible and calculates the exterior dimensions of each package based on padding required between and around objects.


If you or your buyer reply to any of our shipment update emails, our team will respond within one business day. We will be in touch if anything is needed to deliver the shipment as scheduled.