Your Guide to Holiday Shipping Deadlines with Arta

Delivery timelines update! Please note any Parcel shipments placed after 12/18/23 may see extended delivery timelines due to holiday closures. Collection, packing, and shipping may happen in early 2024. Thank you!

As we gear up for the holiday season, we know setting realistic expectations for shipping and delivery timelines is essential. That’s why we wanted to share our fulfillment deadlines for delivery by December 25th for Arta services:

  • Parcel Domestic: December 6
  • Parcel International: November 27
  • Self-Ship Domestic: December 14 (*depends on seller to release to carrier)
  • Self-Ship International: November 27 (*depends on the seller to release to carrier and EEI form turnaround)
  • Select: November 27
  • Premium: November 3

In addition to the dates above, here’s what else you need to know to ensure a smooth holiday season:

No Guaranteed Delivery by December 25th:

While we strive to get your orders to you in time for the holidays, it’s crucial to note that there is no guarantee your items will arrive by December 25th. The increased volume of shipments during this season and unpredictable factors can impact delivery times.

Weather and Service Delays:

Keep in mind that weather conditions and unexpected service delays can play a significant role in the delivery schedule. Despite our best efforts and those of our shipping partners, unforeseen circumstances may arise, causing delays beyond our control.

International & Premium Deadlines:

Note the earlier deadlines if you’re shipping internationally or opting for premium services. Due to the complexities of international shipping and the high demand for premium services, deadlines for these options are set earlier to buffer potential delays.

Self Ship Orders:

For self-ship orders, where the responsibility lies with the seller or shipper, please note that the shipping process begins once Arta provides the label. It’s crucial for sellers to promptly release items to carriers to ensure they are on track to meet the desired delivery timelines.

Understanding these shipping guidelines will help you plan accordingly and manage expectations as we enter the holiday season. While we do our best to provide accurate estimates and meet deadlines, please be patient and allow for potential delays beyond our control.

We wish you a joyful and stress-free holiday season!