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Arta provides a comprehensive dashboard for everything you need to manage your fulfillment logistics. We’ve created this guide to help you make the most of Arta’s features.

Arta Dashboard

Dashboard access

You can access your Arta account at: dashboard.arta.io. We recommend saving this link as a bookmark for quick reference.

If you do not have an Arta account, reach out to sales at arta.io/get-started.

Enter your login and password. Should you need, you can reset your password from the login page by clicking “Forgot Password”.

Look for your company’s name below your own in the top left corner. If you’re not seeing your company’s name, you may need to be invited to join your Organization.

Your company’s main Arta contact will be an Organization Owner and can send you an invite. If you are the main contact, create your Organization and invite Users. See how to create an organization and invite Users below:

By being part of your company’s Organization, you will be able to see all of the Requests and Shipments generated by your team.

Managing Users for your Organization

Within each organization there can be multiple users that collaborate on shipments and projects within the dashboard. Regardless of your subscription package, we offer unlimited users across the board!

Users can be assigned one of the following permissions:

  • Owner – An owner has read and edit access to all aspects of an Organization, including API Keys, Notifications, Users, Shipments, and Billing.
  • Member – A member can view all aspects of an Organization but is only able to create and manage Quote Requests and Shipments.
  • Read Only – A read-only user can view all aspects of an Organization but does not have the ability to create or edit. This permission is great for anyone in accounting, or at the front desk who may only need visibility into a shipments status, but wouldn’t be making any changes to a shipment.

Managing users on the Arta Dashboard

Quote requests

You can create a Quote Request via the left-hand navigation bar on your dashboard.

Learn how to create a quote request by watching our tutorial.

A Request will return applicable quotes for delivery, broken down by service tier:

  • Premium: – Shipments carried out by fine art technicians and climate-controlled trucking.
  • Select: – Shipments carried out by household movers with optional white glove services.
  • Parcel: – Custom packaging and delivery via common carrier with three transit speeds.
  • Self Ship: – Sellers pack items in-house which are then mailed using specialty shipping labels provided by Arta.

When sourcing quotes, you have the option to add additional services, like:

  • Condition checks
  • Unpacking
  • Installation
  • Signature required
  • Crate disposal, and more.

Arta will return pricing for all available services.

Estimates versus bookable Quotes

You may be looking for a quick quote for budgeting purposes or a bookable quote. Either way, we have you covered.

  • To receive a bookable rate, we require full address and contact details. We’ll also require Object Type, at least 2 dimensions, and the object’s value.
  • If you’re looking for a quick quote, we only require valid zip codes and a country for the Origin & Destination. For the inventory, we’ll require Object Type, 2 dimensions & Object’s Value.

Quoting Coverage

Arta provides instant quotes to many destinations worldwide. These guaranteed prices reflect our established global network of packaging, transportation and handling companies.

We have comprehensive, international coverage from the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union as well as many other international cities. Click here to see a complete guide to the geographies our instant pricing covers.

To determine the appropriate service tiers available for each quoted item, Arta takes into consideration the value, dimensions, weight, and services required.

Transport Value Moveable By (Maximum Dimensions)
Premium Truck, Air $1m Two technicians (8’H, 250lbs, 50 cuft)
Select Truck <$50k Hand truck or dollies (250cuft, 1500lbs)
Parcel Courier <$50k Conveyable (2xH + 2xD + W of the predicted packed dimensions cannot be greater than 165″ or weigh more than 150lbs)
Self Ship* Courier <25k Conveyable (2xH + 2xD + W of the predicted packed dimensions cannot be greater than 165″ or weigh more than 150lbs)

If Arta cannot provide an instant quote for an item, the quote will disqualify and Arta will provide reasons for that disqualification, e.g. over-height or over-sized.

If Arta is not able to return any Instant Quotes across all service tiers, the entire Request is considered Disqualified.

Quotes are valid for 30 days. To edit information about a Request, like addresses or inventory, you can copy the quote and edit it as needed. To do this, click the Actions dropdown menu in the top right of the Quote Request detail page and click Copy Request.

Once a Quote has been selected, and a Request booked, the Request will be closed, and a Shipment will be created.

Custom Quotes

For Requests that do not return instant pricing or that have specific requirements, you can request a Custom Quote from the Arta team.

The Request will remain In Progress while our team reviews the requirements and sources pricing. We will comment on the Request if there are further questions.

To expedite this process, please include:

  • Photographs of the object(s)
  • Complete external dimensions and weight
  • Any delivery requirements (date, time, stairs, driveway access, etc.)

Like our instant pricing, the Custom Quote Arta returns will be available to book for 30 days.

Custom quoting on the Arta Dashboard

Quoting Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Arta pick the service tier and packing type? – Arta analyzes information about object types, materials, dimensions, and values to identify safe and economical packaging.
  • How does Arta predict the packed dimensions? – Depending on the attributes above, Arta aims to consolidate as many items as possible and calculates the exterior dimensions of each package based on padding required between and around objects.
  • How do I know if my item is considered fragile? – Clients can select Fragile for brittle and sensitive materials like glass and ceramic that may require special packing and handling.
  • What is “installation” vs. “assembly”? – Arta supports a variety of object types and works to provide service-specific pricing for different handling needs. Art installation includes handling, like hanging or affixing objects to a wall or plinth. Furniture assembly rejoins components of a dresser or table that have been separated for transport.

Shipments and Notifications

As soon as a Shipment is booked, Arta will begin scheduling transport.

To facilitate a smooth shipping experience, Arta will relay key information at each of our shipment milestones.

You can keep all parties informed of shipment progress without additional work, by configuring automated emails to the Origin and Destination Contacts.

Emails include the following types of information:

  • Additional information required for customs clearance
  • Checking delivery location accuracy and providing shipment schedule
  • Confirming inventory and collection appointment schedule with origin contact
  • Providing online tracking information and delivery timing
  • Updated delivery timing in case of scheduling changes


Every email will link to a public shipment-specific Tracking page. This page will automatically update as the delivery progresses and will include the current Shipment status, anticipated delivery dates, and detailed tracking for parcel packages.

Tracking was developed to be shared with multiple parties without displaying personal information — like street address or contact information.

Arta Guest Notifications allows any individual to subscribe themselves to Shipment Updates via email or SMS Text Messages. Guest notifications provide up-to-date communication on shipment statuses and milestones.

Arta Tracking

Brand Preferences

To maintain a cohesive brand experience, Arta has launched Brand Preferences to add branded assets to our Tracking pages and email notifications. From the dashboard, clients can add brand assets such as:

  • Company logo
  • Banner image and brand color
  • Social media links
  • Custom domains

Delivery Timing

Please note the timing is in business days.  Windows listed are expected days in each status.

Rural and hard-to-access locations can add one to two weeks to transportation. All dates assume no delays in customs clearance.

Arta Delivery Timelines

We like to advise our clients that because Arta facilitates shipments between such a wide array of international locations that delivery speeds will vary to a reasonable degree, depending on geographies. However, these time frames are always what we aim for.



To export objects to another country, customs requires specific information, including a Commercial Invoice and object license information, where required. Most shipments will require a Harmonized System (HS) code, country of origin, and a Power of Attorney to use the exporter’s tax ID.

Arta users can upload Commercial Invoices and share additional customs information via the dashboard. This process often causes confusion due to varying country requirements, and when paperwork is missing information or incorrectly drafted shipping delays are common.

Electronic Customs Documentation

To streamline this process and support sellers, Arta’s Electronic Customs Documentation feature helps you generate commercial invoices and automates the export filing process for you.

Arta can enable this premium automated feature on your account, should you decide to opt-in.

Here you can read more on how to fill out commercial invoices and Arta’s ECD.

Under Email Rules, you should configure the ‘Electronic Export Information Required’ email to be sent to the origin contact or responsible party.

Once a shipment is booked with Arta, the origin contact will receive an email from Arta prompting them to complete a form with all required information and granting Arta authorization to export the objects sold. Once the information is approved by the Arta team, we can generate a Commercial Invoice and upload all Electronic Export Information to the Carrier or to the governing body’s Automated Export Systems.


An item’s export documentation is required by customs upon its importation into the destination country. This allows customs officials to assess the item for duties and taxes.

The declared value and information about the item(s) shipped must match the invoice and insured value.

Upon an item’s arrival in its destination country, Arta or our carriers (DHL, UPS) will reach out to the destination contact, the buyer known as the Importer of Record, with any duties and taxes owed. Customs fees must be paid before the shipment can be delivered.

Arta does not currently estimate or collect customs fees at the time of booking.


Transit Insurance

Arta Transit Insurance is available to add to all quotes. You can add insurance to any Request on the Shipment Options tab.

If a recipient notices damage upon delivery, please ask them to:

  • File a claim with Arta within seven (7) days of delivery.
  • Note the damage on the delivery paperwork signed at delivery.
  • Take multiple, in focus, photographs of the packaging and object(s)
  • Retain the object(s) and packaging material on-site until the claim is resolved
  • Email images and a description of the condition to claims@arta.io

Arta will reply within one business day with next steps toward restoration or filing a claim. Visit our Arta Transit Insurance terms and conditions for more information.

Valuables Insurance

After delivery, Arta also provides recipients with access to Valuables Insurance to continue coverage on their new acquisitions.

  • Buyers can acquire policies post-sale via our tracking pages and hosted emails.
  • Owners of collectibles can obtain a quote for existing items.
  • Our simple and easy-to-use platform makes it easier to create and manage claims.

Communicating with Arta

Even with technology and automation, specialized logistics is complex and details can change. We know that additional behind-the-scenes communication is often required to keep shipments on schedule. Our team is here to assist you along the way.


The dashboard is a complete fulfillment management tool, including facilitating communication between your team and Arta.

An Arta team member is assigned to each Request and Shipment. You can add Comments which directly reaches out to this person should you need help. Comments are monitored during business hours and are the most direct and efficient way to ask specific questions about a Request or Shipment.

Reasons to use comments:

  • Updated addresses on booked Shipments
  • Requesting new or updated dates on a Request
  • Asking to add additional reference fields after booking

Next to Comments, you’ll find that you can also upload documents (including Excel files, PDFs, JPGS) with important shipment information. View a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a document to your Request or Shipment.

Comments on the Arta Dashboard

Inbox Notifications

To keep apprised of Custom Quotes, Shipments, and Comments from Arta, you can configure a personal Arta Inbox. Receive alerts specific to your role on the dashboard, including daily or hourly digests to your email.

You can refer back to our Setting up your Dashboard video to learn more.

For Request or Shipment specific notes, you can use our Comment feature to reach the Arta team member responsible for that delivery. Arta will frequently leave Comments for you requesting additional documentation or clarifying details of the Request or Shipment. By setting up notifications, you will be proactively notified of any new comment.


You can always contact us directly!